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6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Pre-Made Website Templates

Your website plays a critical role in your business’ success plan; as your business expands, so must your website. This is one of the primary reasons companies hire website designers in Miami, FL, to keep up with your business’s ever-changing demands. Web design templates won’t do the trick, as they weren’t created with your company in mind.

You may be tempted to use pre-made website templates because they’re cheap, but you’re bound to spend more because they won’t be able to support your business as it scales into success.

Read on to see why you need to ditch web design templates in favor of custom-made designs.

1. Little Room for Customization

Web design templates follow a “one-size-fits-all” principle. This technique may be profitable for website builders, but it’s not for your business. Since the functionalities are already set up, there’s little to no room for customization. Of course, some website builders offer support for customization, but you won’t be able to put your entire vision into reality with a premade website template.

2. Inhibits Creativity

Utilizing web design templates gives you little to no room for creativity, and your options are pretty much constrained. When you have limited possibilities at your disposal, it’s impossible to let your brain and creativity run wild and take their course. Worse, you’ll have the same website as your competitor that chose the exact template as you. How do you think your customers will identify you if your website has a twin somewhere on the internet?

3. Poorly Coded or Badly Designed

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Pre-made website layouts may look excellent on demos, but that’s precisely what the people who made them want you to see. Once you use it, there’s a chance you’ll encounter some serious problems due to poor code. What’s worse, they can’t assist you properly because they also have poor customer service, which is quite familiar with website builders today. Having this kind of issue is a big deal once your business’ website is live, so you should have a website coded according to your needs.

4. Web Browser Incompatibility

Here’s the thing about web design templates: chances are, only the most popular web browsers can support them. We’re talking about Google and Mozilla Firefox. Other browsers like Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Edge may not be suitable for reading your website made from a template. There’s no guarantee that a template-based website will work in all browsers.

5. Identical Designs

Free web design templates are available to the public, so chances are there’s someone with the same design as you. The same can be said for paid templates; the only difference between your design and others is minor cosmetic changes. Imagine putting a lot of time, resources, and effort into building up your business online, and then, at some point, you realize that someone’s website looks the same as yours. If this scenario happens, it’s about time you evaluate your strategies and give your website a fresh, new look.

6. Unreliable Security

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It’s pretty standard for templates to have low-quality security measures. This is because not all template developers put heavy emphasis on security updates. What’s worse, these developers may even have security updates regularly but are slow to implement them.

If this scenario happens, you’re bound to experience a host of problems that may slow down your business’ growth. It just happens that templates aren’t updated regularly and are highly susceptible to malicious cyber-attacks and other security breaches.

You Deserve a Custom-Made Website

You’ve put blood, sweat, and tears into your business. Because of this sacrifice, you shouldn’t put your trust in a web design template that will eventually fail you at some point. You need a bespoke website designed to solve all of your business needs, and luckily for you, Miami Website Design Professionals can help.

Our website designers in Miami, FL, can make you a bespoke website created to support your business in all of its aspects. If you want to learn more about how we do it, don’t hesitate to message us today.